SKYLOTEC – Professional Protective Equipment

SKYLOTEC offers a high-quality product line around personal protective equipment and permanent fall protection. The product line ranges from har-nesses, ropes and hardware to abseiling equipment, height safety devices and attachment points, as well as protective equipment and sophisticated sets for typical work situations. The high-performance and innovative products are devel-oped and manufactured entirely in Germany. As a matter of course, all products are certified and conform to international work safety regulations.

The MILAN from SKYLOTEC – Highest Performance for the Highest Standards

Weighing only 1.5 kg, the MILAN is a very light abseiling and rescue device with automatic speed regulation. The MILAN permits abseiling of a person (up to 150 kg) over a height of 500 m at an abseiling speed of 0.9 m/s or 2.0 m/s. The MILAN is also approved in principle for use with two people up to 260 kg. Its brake, which is controlled by centrifugal force, holds the speed constant during the entire abseiling process. The MILAN is also available with a lift function and with adapters for attachment to climbing ladder safety systems as well as to wood towers and monopoles.

Today, the MILAN is employed primarily in the maintenance and evacuation of platforms and offshore rigs. This abseiling device is also utilised during the installation, maintenance, and repair of wind energy power plants around the globe.

To assist customers in using the MILAN optimally, SKYLOTEC offers special training courses. The eight-hour course deals mainly with abseiling and rescue operations in manageable situations. The training courses are offered in Germany, England, Sweden, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, China, and Singapore.

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