SKYLOTEC MILAN, for a safe Abseiling

When moving or working in heights, one needs to be safely secured. Founded in 1948, SKYLOTEC offers its services to the industry for more than 60 years. As a global supplier for fall protection for industry and sport, SKYLOTEC offers a complete personal protective equipment program as well as permanent systems.

The SKYLOTEC industrial program includes Harnesses, Ropes, Height Safety Devices, Ladders, Anchor Points, and Evacuation and Rescue Devices. Thanks to highly competitive and innovative products, all developed and made in Germany, SKYLOTEC is always a footstep forward, including of course with our Evacuation and Rescue Device MILAN.

Specially in extreme situations where a full repelling or even a rescue of a hanging worker is needed, being able to trust a simple and easy-to-use equipment is of vital importance.

These are the exact reason why SKYLOTEC developed the MILAN Rescue Device.
Made out of a milled aircraft aluminum block, the MILAN is extremely light and strong. The centrifugally controlled brake allows an abseiling up to 500m with a moderate speed of 0,9m/s. The device has been designed and licensed for multi-usages.

The device has been developed for a use with up to 150 Kg and is also certified as a 2-persons-device up to 280kg. The MILAN HUB offers a hoisting function allowing the rescuer to lift up a victim of a fall over a short distance in order to facilitate rescuing.

- The most loadable product on the market due to milled aircraft aluminum housing
- Certified for 2 persons up to 280 kg
- Safe and quick rescue enabled thanks to the centrifugally controlled brakes which guaranty a steady abseil speed of 0,9m/s
- MILAN is the only device certified with a 9mm rope according to EN 341:2008
and EN 1496:2007
- Small in its packing – very advantageous specially when used in high heights
- Global certifications according to international norms
- Very light, only 1,5 kg
- MILAN with HUB available, for hoisting casualties

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