SKYLOTEC “rescues” journalists from wind turbine - exciting closing demonstration during the Wind Day event

The Wind Day event took place on the 11th October in Vösendorf, Austria and was rounded off with a special demonstration, set up in collaboration with the company Hartlauer; Andrea Händler, a cabaret artist, was let down on a rope by SKYLOTEC from a height of 65 metres. Following the demonstration, a number of journalists were selected to perform the same feat. While Hartlauer provided extensive information on wind energy utilisation, SKYLOTEC showed how personnel are secured and how persons can be rescued from dizzying heights.
Dr. Kai Rinklake, managing director of SKYLOTEC, said: “We have more than 65 years’ experience in the use of safety equipment at great heights. Our products allow work to be carried out safely and effectively. We are happy to be able demonstrate here that, even in critical situations, safe descent from wind turbines via ropes is always possible with the right equipment.”

(C) Astrid Knie

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