On land, on water and in the air - with the new OFFSHORE MASTER from SKYLOTEC

Stormy winds, lashing rain and waves several metres high - anyone working on the high seas is exposed to the toughest conditions and is totally reliant on his or her abilities and equipment. The new OFFSHORE MASTER has been specially designed by SKYLOTEC for such circumstances.

With this belt, SKYLOTEC has become one of the first manufacturers to replace all the aluminium components with fitting components made of stainless steel; such a replacement ensures greater protection against corrosion.

The OFFSHORE MASTER also has high-quality, stainless-steel snap locks, a sternal rope-attachment eyelet with four-dimensional adjustment (EN 361) and folding retaining eyelets on the sides of the belt (EN 358). The rings attached to the outside of the hip parts enable independent movement of the four straps relative to one another (4-MOTION), and this facilitates climbing and allows the user to move more freely.

The padded leg, shoulder and hip parts are ergonomically designed and ensure optimal wearing comfort. Other features of the belt are a climbing protection eyelet, park rings for fasteners on the shoulders, a fall indicator at the front and rear, a textile protection label for individual identification, and two gear loops and two tool eyelets on each side. The belt is certified in accordance with EN 361 and EN 358 and can be adapted to be used with the Secumar life jacket, to ensure the highest protection during offshore work.

Pictures and further information of the sizing here.

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