SKYLOTEC makes securing EASY

The Electronic Self Belay system for high ropes courses

SKYLOTEC, a global market leader for industrial fall arrest products, continuously develops and presents innovative products with new technologies to provide users with the best possible protection from falling. In 2013 the security specialist development team of SKYLOTEC presented the first prototype of the EASY ESB on the ERCA (European Rope Course Association) Conference in Hennef. As perfection and reliability are top-priorities for SKYLOTEC, the finalizing development of the EASY ESB has been continued since then. Now in 2015, designed specifically for high ropes courses and climbing parks, the electronic security device is being introduced in the market.

The special feature of this system is, that with the carabiner being closed, opening is only possible if it receives an electronic release signal. This signal the carabiner receives only when the second one has been hooked in a protected area. Although there are already communicating backup devices in the market, in which the opening and closing of a carabiner requires the set up function of the other, there the query for a safe anchorage point is not present. Other devices employ mechanisms such as Bowden cables, which are intended to prevent simultaneous unhooking both carabiners. All existing systems operate mechanically therefore, and require active behavior of the user for unlocking the carabiner. This always carries an element of risk, even with full attention of the park visitor, and the high degree of responsibility reduces the fun factor of the course. The EASY ESB does not require this and allows the climbing park fan an absolute focus on his fun adventure. It is also the first electronic self-protection system for high ropes courses, which ensures 100% consistent monitoring of the safety chain.

The system consists of two main basic elements - the sender, who runs an electronic signal through the cable securing the facility, as well as the EASY ESB, which serves as a receiver using the received data to release the locks. The safety ropes in the high ropes course are characterized by a coded electronic signal in the cable. Only the ropes that have such an ID are recognized as "safe" by EASY. The system monitors the operations and only then allows the second carabiner to open freely, when the first carabiner is hooked to a safe rope or when the user has left the fall hazard area. As a result, park visitors are always secured with at least one carabiner. By means of a special key, the blocking can be disabled manually in case of an emergency, enabling a quick and easy recovery at any time.

As with conventional backup devices for high ropes courses, also the EASY ESB has two carabiners that are hooked in the course by park visitors, as they are used to. Another advantage is that the signal from the transmitter can be encoded such that, for example, children can only mount in a course that is suitable for them. To reassign a carabiner, the locking latch is released by a slide below the opening. This minimizes the risk of injury due to pinching of fingers. Additionally, smaller park visitors and children are given additional reach to hook carabiners much easier than with conventional systems. For operators it is the big plus that a parallel use with other (e.g. mechanical) security systems is possible.

An integrated multi-function LED, which confirms the user a correct mount or indicating a faulty fuse is located at the top rear of the carabiner. When the EASY is charged it provides information on the status of the battery, which is developed for 10 hours of continuous operation. When completely depleted, the battery charging time is max. 2 hours. It is particularly convenient that the charging station also serves as a support for the EASY ESB and is always perfectly stowed away during the charging process.

The easiest way to be secure - the SKYLOTEC EASY ESB!


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