The new RECORD unites sport and industry

Ultra-light – ultra-comfortable – ultra-flexible

SKYLOTEC, pioneer and innovative visionary when it comes to safety in heights for mountaineering and industrial climbing, always combines its whole Know-how from both worlds in its product range. This symbiosis constantly generates new unique highlights, which offers the very best products for rope access operatives and mountaineers.

With the RECORD, an ultra-light and extremely comfortable harness, SKYLOTEC succeeded to develop a harness of superlatives for industrial climbing. With its 704 grams the basic version offers not only the feathery wearing comfort of a sports harness, it is at present also the lightest harness available on the market for tree care!

Due to the size selection XS/M, M/L and L/XXL, the RECORD is equally suitable for slim and sturdy persons and guarantees far more wearing comfort than conventional standard sizes. Hip strap and leg loops have been equipped with a double layer padding in order to maximize the already fantastic high wearing comfort of the RECORD. Incorporated cooling fins and the perforated, breathable mesh material assure an optimized air circulation even when wearing the harness for a longer period of time. The combination of all those characteristics makes working with the RECORD extremely pleasant, and you’d hardly notice wearing a harness.

By clipping in different top parts, the harness can easily be extended to a full-body harness for more application fields. This insures the RECORD also the perfect securing partner for rope access, setting climbing routes, geocaching, rope-course instructors or mountain rescue and other rescue services.

Furthermore it is the only harness with all certificates for rope access as well as every admission for sports climbing (EN361, EN358, EN 813, EN12277 A (full-body harness) and C (harness)). The certifications and the low weight enable the RECORD to be used as a working harness as well as a sports harness. Two different top-parts are available to adapt it to relevant requirements. Either with an integrated karabiner or with an ascender at the chest area.

The tie-in loop has a sliding D-ring made out of robust aluminum and at the sides are special holding eyelets with abrasion protection made out of robust textile material. Those and the dorsal attached padded catching loop are color highlighted, to ensure best visibility and safety even in bad light conditions.

Ultra-flexible, versatile applicable, absolutely light weight and ultra-performance – that is the innovative RECORD by SKYLOTEC.

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