Precautionary recall products with H-040 carabiners

DMM, one of our suppliers, has detected irregularities within the closing mechanism of their carabiners, which has urged them to issue a product recall. SKYLOTEC sells these carabiners separately with article number H-040 and additionally as component in several finished products.
It is our conviction to exclude all potential issues in the use of our products in advance, and always act in the best interest of our customers’ safety.

Hence, SKYLOTEC calls back carabiners with article number H-040 and finished products, wherein these carabiners have been processed.
Affected are the ERGOGRIP CORE S15 (article numbers L-0213, L-0249 and L-0545), the positioning rope HALTESEIL HERKULES RP 3 S12 (article numbers Z-GRU-L-0018 and Z-GRU-L-0019) and the lanyard VERBINDUNGSMITTEL 15 mm-Stahleinlage (article number Z-GRU-L-0213).

Only the following serial numbers are potentially affected:

  • 2014 Production - 14138xxxxX to 14365xxxxX
  • 2015 Production - 15001xxxxX to 15254xxxxX

Should you possess any of the affected carabiners, find detailed information here to determine whether your product is safe to use after all, or should be returned for revision.

The serial number is easy to find on the carabiner. The first 5 digits are decisive (see red marking below).

SKYLOTEC ensures herewith to execute all necessary precautions to safeguard the security of our users. We urge all affected owners to return the products to your point of purchase or directly to SKYLOTEC. We will ensure a timely revision and return.

Feel free to contact us in case you need help to determine whether your product is affected. For any questions or help regarding identification or returning your products, please contact [email protected].

Please consider with your return shipment:
We kindly request you to fill out this form und attach it to your return shipment. Herewith we are able to ensure you a speedy and direct return delivery of your products. Please include the filled-out form in all cases, whether you return your products to your point of purchase or directly to SKYLOTEC!

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