Simply safe: New height access runner SPEED ATTACH

We have extended our product range with the height access runner SPEED ATTACH. The guided type fall arrester is used for fall protection on permanent systems, or it is used to enable worker access to maintenance shafts or plant and machinery. The particularity: The height access runner can be fitted on and taken off at any point of the rail. In addition, it scores with many characteristics that facilitate operation for the user – and minimise the risk of accident.

For service or maintenance tasks in areas where fall hazards exist, permanently installed fall protection systems are used. A so-called guided type fall arrester must be used on these systems. If there is an accident the arrest device prevents falling. The problem: Most of these arrest devices can only be inserted and taken off at the upper end or lower end of the system. With SPEED ATTACH we now offer a solution for vertical C-rails that can be inserted and taken off at any point desired. Thus it is possible to also remove the height access runner if tasks must be performed at intermediate levels, for example.

With characteristics that minimise the accident risks
In the development of SPEED ATTACH SKYLOTEC additionally focused on ease of use. This reduces the risk of operating error on the part of the user, and thus also the risk of an accident. An indicator on the head side shows whether the height access runner was safely locked when it was fitted on. In addition, a lateral lock bolt prevents the runner from being inserted the wrong way around. Another benefit is that the SPEED ATTACH can only be unlocked when a slider and a control button are activated simultaneously. Thus it is not possible for a user to inadvertently detach the height access runner from the rail.

In terms of safety, the SPEED ATTACH offers an additional advantage to the user: The runner is equipped with two redundant arrest systems. If the first arrest system does not trip - for example, if the user falls backwards and slips head down into the depth - the second speed-dependent arrest function reacts. Thanks to the second fall arrest system, in the event of a fall into a depth the runner reaches a fixed, set maximum speed. If the runner exceeds this speed, a centrifugal brake swings out the arresting bar and blocks the runner. Through this measure the user is safely braked if there is a fall. SPEED ATTACH is certified as a guided type fall arrester in accordance with EN 353-1:2014 for persons between 50 kg and 150 kg. A solid aluminium housing, stainless steel axles and metal guide rollers ensure low wear.


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