Safety Check PEANUT I and Y

We have become aware of a potential error in the manufacturing process of our products PEANUT I and PEANUT Y. For your own safety, we ask you to please check all the products in your possession. We want to avoid the use of a faulty product in all instances, as this could potentially result in severe damage/s.

Products that need to be checked:

hsg-021-1,8-1_s_01 hsg-022-2,5-6_s_01


Art. No.: 





Art. No.:



All carabiner versions (not only those models depicted here) may be affected. Please note that PEANUT products are also components of configured sets.

Here you can find the complete Safety Check Intructions

In the case of any uncertainties or questions, we are happy to assist you in determining whether your product is affected or not. Please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

Should you discover that you have an incorrect / faulty or doubtful product, please contact us immediately for assistance.We regret that such a safety check is necessary and apologize sincerely for any inconvenience it may cause you. We thank you for your understanding on the matter.

It is our desire to eliminate all potential problems before they arise and always make the best decisions with regards to the safety of our users, thus, SKYLOTEC assures that all possible precautionary measures are being carried out in order to eliminate this kind of default from re-occurring in the future.





  • Should I send my PEANUT blocks back to SKYLOTEC?
    • This is a Safety Warning and not a Product Recall, please follow the Safety Check Instruction, linked in our Safety Warning.


  • Where should I send my PEANUT blocks for inspection?
    • Please follow the Safety Check Instruction and you can perform this check by yourself.


  • Can I get help to have my PEANUT block inspected?
    • Yes of course, please contact your SKYLOTEC representative and he or her will help you to find the closest service center.


  • Does the Safety Warning effect all models of PEANUTs?
    • Yes, sorry it does. Both single and double versions.
    • HSG-021- / HSG-AUS-021- / HSG-022- / HSG-AUS-022-


  • Does it matter what carabiner I have on my PEANUT?
    • No, this Safety Warning effects all versions with all types of connectors.


  • Should I send any Inspection Record to SKYLOTEC?
    • For products that passed inspection, not needed, only for your own record keeping. If you find a faulty product, please contact SKYLOTEC at: [email protected] for further steps and help.


  • If I am not 100 % sure of my inspection, can I get help?


  • If I find a faulty product, what shall I do?
    • Please contact SKYLOTEC at: [email protected] and we will help you with the correct procedure of shipping your product to SKYLOTEC.
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