We would like to inform those taking part in our training courses at the Vertical Rescue College (VRC) that from 1st July 2017 onwards, FISAT certifiers will not only inspect the First Aid certificate and the occupational medical certificate for working in areas in which there is a danger of falling, but also the existence of a correctly filled in FISAT log book.

We are pleased to be able to answer the following frequently asked questions.

Q: Who is required to bring along the log book?

A: All those taking the Level 2 and Level 3 tests and participants in Refresher Courses Levels 1 and 2. The log book cannot yet be presented for the Level 1 test as it is only handed out after passing the exam and for Refresher Course Level 3 there is no obligation to bring along the log book.


Q: When should the log book be presented and to whom?

A: The original copy of the log book should be presented to the responsible certifier before the start of the certification. Copies or scanned pages will not be accepted.


Q: What is a correctly completed log book?

A: The personal data on page 8 must be filled in. The signature and passport photo of the owner on page 8 are also required. The labels for certifications and refresher courses should be complete in the own interests of the user. Sticking in these labels will only be compulsory, however, for events that take place after 1st July 2017.


Q: As a training company, what can I do if a customer tells me that he doesn’t have a log book?

A: Recommend that your customer sends an e-mail immediately to the FISAT office. They will then be sent a log book by post.


Q: What consequences can I expect if I don’t take the log book with me?

A: Just as with missing or invalid First Aid certificates and occupational medical certificates, the participant will be excluded.

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