SKYLOTEC also focuses on rescue with its new fall protection systems

Taking centre stage at A+A for SKYLOTEC are its new fall protection systems, which are easy to use and enhance the safety of employees working at heights. As well as personal fall protection equipment, these also include abseil and rescue equipment from the “Deus” range, which offer the potential for individual rescue in an emergency. The family company will also be bringing new solutions for permanently installed systems to A+A, such as the new “Claw” cable runner. This is suitable for vertical access and stands out in terms of safety thanks to its many well-designed details.

 When it comes to safety at heights or depths, reliable fall protection on its own is not enough.  Workers must be able to get themselves or their colleagues to safety quickly in an emergency. SKYLOTEC will be presenting its new abseil and self-rescue equipment for these kinds of situations at A+A. The manufacturer of fall protection equipment is the market leader in rescue devices. The product range includes the long-established and successful “Milan” series, which is suitable for rescuing injured persons or for the rapid evacuation of several people. Small and light self-rescue devices from the “Deus” range are now also available. These are used for self-evacuation – for example when escape routes are blocked by fire. These rescue devices are available in three different versions. The main advantage here is that these abseil and rescue devices, like the “Milan” devices, are fitted with centrifugal brakes. These prevent free fall and allow safe, hands-free abseiling at a constant speed. Solutions such as the “Deus 3700” are small, lightweight and will not restrict users as they carry out their daily work. They are worn on the body along with PFPE and can therefore be used directly in an emergency.

“Claw” cable runner – easier to use, enhancing safety

At the leading trade fair for safety and security at work, SKYLOTEC has other new developments in store – such as in the fields of PPE and permanent fall protection systems. The focus here is on easy operation and comfort. And so with its “Claw” cable runner, the family company offers a unique solution for permanently installed climbing protection systems, allowing employees safe access when working at heights or depths – whether on buildings or masts, in manholes or on wind turbines. The "Claw" is suitable for vertical access on cables with a diameter of 8 mm and is worn by users as a guided type fall arrester as part of their personal fall protection equipment (PFPE), allowing them to connect their body harness to the site's permanently installed fall-arrest systems. When developing this new solution, the company went to great lengths to ensure that the runner would be easy to use and that the risk of misuse would be minimised.

The runner therefore scores points thanks to its many well-designed features, which make it easier to use – and therefore enhance safety at the same time. This means that there are multiple features to protect against incorrect use: The fall arrester cannot be attached to the rope if it is held the wrong way round by the user. This is prevented by an integrated locking bolt, and a skull icon indicates the application error. In order to prevent unintended removal, the cable runner may only be removed from the rope if the user actively releases a locking mechanism. If the person climbing slips or even falls, the carabiner swings very suddenly downwards. This is how the “Claw” stops the fall. A built-in fall attenuator further reduces any forces that may arise in the event of a fall to below the permitted 6 kN, whereby the forces exerted on the human body are moderated. The cable runner is EN 353-1:2014 certified as a guided type fall arrester including a rigid anchor line and secures a maximum of one person weighing from 50 kg to 150 kg.

SKYLOTEC will also be presenting other new products at its exhibition stand from 17 to 20 October. If you would like to find out more about the wide range of products available, please join us at A+A in Düsseldorf – in hall 6 at stand G01-H07.

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