Service life of SKYLOTEC products

Due to the fact that SKYLOTEC products are made of the highest quality materials, under normal usage conditions a maximum service life that exceeds the recommendations of the DGUV 112-198 regulation can be assumed.

As required by the new PPE regulation, SKYLOTEC products will be labelled with a new maximum service life. Changes to instructions for use and labels as well as the adaptation of our asset management database HOMEBASE are scheduled but will take some time to implement. The changes will, however, be completed by the time the PPE regulation comes into force on 21/04/2019. However, we have already increased the maximum service life for our current products, even if the documentation has not yet been revised.

All SKYLOTEC products produced from January 2018 onwards can be used for a maximum of 10 years. In the event of any conflicting information appearing in instruction manuals or HOMEBASE, for example, this letter will serve as confirmation.

An overview of the maximum service life per product group can be found here.

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