ActSafe TCX Rescue

Art. no. POA-008

The TCX RESCUE rope ascender has been specifically designed with maritime interventions in mind, resulting in an innovative unit which is compact, lightweight and rated IP68 standard (dust-tight and waterproof). It comes with removable, chargeable batteries, and a remote control with a range of up to 150 m. This device has been created to cover all maritime and specialist operational needs where tactical diving operations are key and every second counts.

  • For heavy lifting in a maritime environment
  • 0-24 m/min at 250 kg
  • IP68 standard (diving operations up to 10 m (33 ft) depth)
  • For approved 11 mm ropes
Art. no. POA-008
EAN 4030281297925
Temperature 40 °C - -10 °C
Customs no. 84253100
Size 330x280x270mm
Weight 13,0 kg