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BEAMSTRAP, the mobile anchoring loop made of robust textile webbing with durable steel D-rings is used wherever a flexible anchoring point is needed. The only requisite for safe attachment of the anchorage adapter is a sufficiently viable structure. When fixing the anchoring point, you make a loop by passing the smaller D-ring through the bigger one. This easy principle of fixing with interfering rings makes the BEAMSTRAP an excellent choice for the fixing of lanyards, fall arrester or rescue devices or for connecting positioning ropes. No matter where you stay: You can safely connect to any structure. As soon as your job is done, you can easily remove the anchoring loop and use it at another position - without leaving damages at the structure. The BEAMSTRAP is available in three lengths. That means that they are suitable for almost every circumference of structure.

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Standard EN 795-B:2012
Breaking load, major axis 25,00 kN
Diameter 85,00 mm
E-class number 40-02-01-90
Max. service life 10 Years
Max. number of persons 1
Customs no. 63079098
Material Polyester, Steel