CHIN-X 250

Art. no. BE-397-250

The ergonomic chin strap with magnetic Fidlock buckle is easy to open and close. The buckle closes securely and also prevents any trapping of skin. The CHIN-X 250 is fitted as standard with all INCEPTOR GRX models and will release in accordance with industry standards with an impact of 250 Newton, in order to reduce the possibility of strangulation during a fall. With the INCEPTOR GRX helmet and exchangeable chin straps (250 and 500 Newton versions), various areas of application in industry and sports can be covered as required.

Art. no. BE-397-250
EAN 4030281269878
E-class number 40-01-11-01
Max. service life 10 Years
Customs no. 65070000
Weight 0,04 kg