Art. no. AP-063-GPS

D-BOLT Stainless (V4A) can be used as a single permanent anchor point or as a component of the CLAW LINE fall-arrest system. It has a European supervisory authority approval (ETA) and is also tested as per EN 795/A:2012 and CEN/TS16415. The D-BOLT Stainless is glued or screwed into the existing structure. It is made of stainless steel and is therefore corrosion-resistant.

Art. no. AP-063-GPS
EAN 4030281171799
E-class number 40-02-01-90
Area of application Rope Access / Rigging, Wind Energy / Offshore Industry
Customs no. 73269098
Size 101,3 x 46 x 79,8mm
Weight 0,62 kg
Material Stainless Steel