CS 10 / 2

Art. no. G-0910/2-A
Art. no. G-0910/2-A
EAN 4030281125792
Standard EN 12277-A/C:2015, EN 361:2002
Shoulder or leg padding yes
E-class number 40-02-01-02
Hand-washing 40 °C
Click buckles yes
Gear loop yes
Max. service life 6-8 Years
Max. number of persons 1
Attachment Points dorsal attachment point , seat attachment point
Temperature -35 °C - 45 °C
Area of application Rope Courses
Customs no. 63079098
Waist size 70-150cm
Weight 1,1 kg
Material Polyester, Steel
Webbing material Polyester
dorsal attachment point material Steel
Seat attachment point material Aluminium
Material Click buckle Aluminium