Rope care

Rope care

ACX ropes

Rope care before use

It is recommended that only pre-soaked ropes are used with Power Ascender. New ropes should be put in cold water (<40°C) for 24 hours and dried slowly afterwards.

This will make ropes more suitable for use in Power Ascenders for two reasons:

Rope density

Pre-soaking makes ropes denser. The fibres will absorb the water and will shrink when drying. The result is that all fibres become more densely aligned and the sheath sits tighter around the core of the rope. This will make the rope more solid and will consequently result in less mantle slippage and deformation and thereby lead to better grip in the Ascender.

Oil dissolution

During the production process some oil is added to the rope fibres in order to reduce the friction between the individual fibres. When soaking the rope in cold water some surface oil in the sheath of the rope will dissolve. This will contribute further to a better grip. Do not soak ropes in warm water, this will lead to greater dissolution of oil, which will have a negative impact on the rope properties.