Fitness Check

We are proud of the safety and quality of our products – the RIDER 3.0 is the safest via ferrata set on the market. However, like all equipment the material on the RIDER 3.0 is also sometimes subject to great stresses and wear and merits a regular PPE check. If you do not wish to do this yourself and prefer to leave it to the experts instead, we are happy to take care of this for you!

This is why we offer you a free “Fitness Check” (PPE check) which you can redeem in the first two years. Afterwards, your via ferrata will be fit again for the new season and you can get maximum enjoyment again from the product next year!

And it’s as easy as this:

  1. Enter your address and batch number in the fields provided.
  2. Simply send the RIDER 3.0 to us or hand it in via your sports retailer.
  • SKYLOTEC GmbH I SERVICE CENTER | Im Mühlengrund 6-8 I D-56566 Neuwied

Because of customs regulations our customers from Switzerland have the option to hand in their RIDER 3.0 via their respective retail partner.

  • Switzerland: BACOL AG I Stauffenbach 14 I CH - 3367 Olchenberg

Customers from Austria can send the Rider to our offices in Bad Vingaun:

  • Austria: More Hohensinn GmbH I Brettsteinweg 191 I 5424 Bad Vigaun
  1. Here is what we check for you: ascender, flexible arms, carabiners and fall attenuator. If we find that for your own safety parts need to be replaced, we will, of course, take care of this directly after approval from you regarding our price quotation. You will be charged for the spare parts.
  2. The fitness check generally takes 2 weeks. Afterwards, we will return the RIDER 3.0 to you or the sports retailer.

Your RIDER 3.0 is now fully operational and you can kick off the new via ferrata season!