Art. no. H-060

The ROCKER retractable type fall arrester can be installed at any point on the working rope. It "runs with" the rope, can be moved freely by one hand and is designed for use without a shock absorber. It is suitable for ropes with a diameter of 10.5 mm - 12.7 mm. · Easy handling, can be carried up the rope very easily · Effective, immediate and rope-friendly blocking under load · Aluminium housing

Art. no. H-060
EAN 4030281277385
Standard EN 12841:2006, EN 353-2:2002, EN 358:1999
Inner eyelet 23 mm
Diameter 12,70 mm
E-class number 40-02-01-90
Max. service life 30 Years
Max. number of persons 1
Area of application Arborists, Rope Access / Rigging
Customs no. 84798997
Size 110 x 65mm
Weight 0,17 kg
Material Aluminium