26/07/2013 Industrie

Outdoor 2013 - New SKYLOTEC Highlights

From the 11th until the 14th of July SKYLOTEC presented the whole sports collection at the Outdoor exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The SKYLOTEC booth has been constantly well attended and especially our highlights drew the attention of the visitors. Read more
SKYLOTEC at the austrian tree climbing championships in Salzburg
10/07/2013 Industrie

SKYLOTEC at the austrian tree climbing championships in Salzburg

In Salzburg the austrian tree climbing championships took part from the 28th until the 30th July. SKYLOTEC presented a wide range of products used for this job. The Ergogrip Core, the Sidewinder, rope bags, rope pulleys, the PinchLock carabiner and the Kolibri harness have been presented at the event. SKYLOTEC sponsored the Kolibri harness also as price for the championship. Read more
20/06/2013 Industrie

Successful audit of the Federal Aviation Authority (LBA)

On 05th of June 2013 SKYLOTEC was audited successfully by the LBA. The LBA is responsible for security of all air transport and has certified SKYLOTEC as a "secure dispatcher". Read more
SKYLOTEC via ferrata sets now even safer in 2013
7/06/2013 Industrie

SKYLOTEC via ferrata sets now even safer in 2013

SKYLOTEC has over 65 years’ experience of manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for industrial fall protection where safety standards far exceed those in sport and mountain climbing. This expertise is harnessed to produce high-quality climbing equipment and guarantee the highest safety standards. SKYLOTEC products don’t just meet the relevant safety standards, they exceed them. Read more
SKYLOTEC receives newest ISO certification
5/06/2013 Industrie

SKYLOTEC receives newest ISO certification

SKYLOTEC has been producing rescue and protective equipment for industrial use for over 65 years, and understands the importance of reliable and safe material for work carried out in areas with a high risk of accident. Internal quality control, use of top-quality materials and manufacture of products solely within Germany and the EU ensure the motto “High Protection. Best Performance” applies to all SKYLOTEC products. Read more
21/04/2013 Industrie

On land, on water and in the air - with the new OFFSHORE MASTER from SKYLOTEC

Stormy winds, lashing rain and waves several metres high - anyone working on the high seas is exposed to the toughest conditions and is totally reliant on his or her abilities and equipment. The new OFFSHORE MASTER has been specially designed by SKYLOTEC for such circumstances. Read more
SKYLOTEC opens new administrative building in Neuwied
15/04/2013 Industrie

SKYLOTEC opens new administrative building in Neuwied

Following a planning and construction phase lasting just over a year, SKYLOTEC, Germany’s market leader for industrial fall-protection equipment and mountaineering specialist, last Friday opened its new administrative building in Oberbieber, a part of the German town of Neuwied. Shorter routes, faster communication and more space for innovation were the premises for constructing the office complex, which has a “green building” design in accordance with the most recent energy directives. Read more
SKYLOTEC now official member of IRATA
1/04/2013 Industrie

SKYLOTEC now official member of IRATA

As the first German training company to be certified in accordance with ISO 9001, SKYLOTEC’s aim is to ensure the safety of workers with regard to particular and individual hazards at the workplace. To minimise accidents and health risks, the company offers regular courses concerning personal fall-protection equipment (PFPE), has an outdoor area for practical training in Neuwied (in existence for many years) and has an indoor training centre (Vertical Rescue College, built in 2012) that can be used all the year round. In order to be able to offer the best possible instruction, not only for its products but also with regard to its training courses, SKYLOTEC is now certified in accordance with the IRATA standard. Read more
SKYLOTEC receives certification from GWO (Global Wind Organisation)
12/03/2013 Industrie

SKYLOTEC receives certification from GWO (Global Wind Organisation)

The GWO standard is intended to provide a better level of safety training as regards wind turbine applications. It is for this very reason, in fact, that GWO was formed by leading manufacturers/operating authorities of wind turbines. Catastrophic incidents and accidents are frequently the catalyst for the drawing up of standardised safety measures or for corresponding training. The sinking of the Titanic is undoubtedly the most well-known example here. As a result of this tragic event, the maritime safety regulations were standardised, and this led to a substantial reduction of the risks in hazardous situations and an increase in the level of safety. Read more
28/01/2013 Industrie

EASY - The innovation in communicating self assurance systems

The innovation in communicating self assurance systems. SKYLOTEC has with the EASY ESB – Electronic Self Belay - once again proved that innovation and technology are the constant companions of SKYLOTEC. The EASY is the first safety system in which the carabiner hooks communicate without contact with each other and with the safety rope! Read more
27/01/2013 Industrie

Moved to the new headquarter

New postal address - old phone number Because of the movement to the new headquarter SKYLOTEC has a new mailing address. The headquarters phone and fax numbers remain the same. New postal address: SKYLOTEC GmbH In Mühlengrund 6-8 56566 Neuwied. Fon +49/2631/9680 – 0 Fax +49/2631/9680 – 80 Mail [email protected] Web Read more
15/01/2013 Industrie


New to the SKYLOTEC range an available now is the SUSPENSION RELIEF STRAP. They alleviate the effects of orthostatic shock, also known as suspension trauma. Read more
20/12/2012 Industrie

Merry Christmas - And like each year, it's that time again, time for Christmas to begin

Whether it is wind, snow, rain or dirt, we also protect old St. Nick at SKYLOTEC. So that through the chimney he can flee and deliver some presents under the tree. Read more
7/12/2012 Industrie

Company holiday period - From 24.12.2012 to 06.01.2013

Due to the relocation of our computing centre and our staff to the new main building, SKYLOTEC will have a company holiday period on an exceptional basis between 24.12.2012 and 06.01.2013. You can reach us as usual effective 07.01.2013 during our regular business hours. Please excuse any inconvenience. Read more
7/12/2012 Industrie

SKYLOTEC continues to expand - New postal address starting in 2013

Starting in January, the SKYLOTEC staff will be located in its new main building at Mühlengrund 6-8 at 56566 Neuwied. Read more
18/10/2012 Industrie

SEAL PAC by SKYLOTEC – now with extended maintenance interval

Rescue equipment must be checked on a yearly basis – this is also applicable for unused equipment which is in store for emergency situations. This control is much easier and cheaper with the SEAL PAC by SKYLOTEC. The Seal Pac contains a MILAN rescue device which is placed in a sealed metal box. This box will be opened once a year by an authorized controller who checks the moisture indicator of the internal air-proof heat sealing film. Read more
SKYLOTEC “rescues” journalists from wind turbine - exciting closing demonstration during the Wind Day event
15/10/2012 Industrie

SKYLOTEC “rescues” journalists from wind turbine - exciting closing demonstration during the Wind Day event

The Wind Day event took place on the 11th October in Vösendorf, Austria and was rounded off with a special demonstration, set up in collaboration with the company Hartlauer; Andrea Händler, a cabaret artist, was let down on a rope by SKYLOTEC from a height of 65 metres. Following the demonstration, a number of journalists were selected to perform the same feat. Read more
8/10/2012 Industrie

SPEED-H – An innovative climbing protection runner from SKYLOTEC

With the SPEED-H (article number: TAC-0003), SKYLOTEC can offer a climbing protection runner for cap-profile rails that opens easily, and can thereby be attached at any position on the rail; moreover, the RfU 11.073 conditions are satisfied. Further information here... Read more
19/09/2012 Industrie

SKYLOTEC at 65 and opening of the indoor training centre at the Vertical Rescue College

SKYLOTEC had two good reasons to celebrate on the 13th September: As well as the 65th anniversary of the company, the new indoor training centre at the Vertical Rescue College was formally opened. Around 200 invited guests from a wide range of branches, political representatives and numerous press representatives were in attendance at the special event as Dr. Kai Rinklake formally opened the centre, following a two-year construction period. Read more
3/09/2012 Industrie

SKYLOTEC to open a new indoor training centre at the Vertical Rescue College

Great strides have been made with the construction of the indoor training centre at SKYLOTEC’s Vertical Rescue College (VRC) and work is now near completion. The formal opening of the new training area will take place at the plant premises on Thursday the 13th September 2012, at 11.00 am, and will be accompanied by an exciting framework programme. Read more

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