2/09/2012 Industrie

Expansion of sales network in Italy

On 1/9/2012, SKYLOTEC acquired a new sales partner for North Italy. With the MAFAR agency, we have gained another competent partner for the sale of our products. Carlo Ghinelli, Massimo Ghinelli, Fabrizio and Marco Degli Agostini have received extensive training concerned with all of our products, and have thereby further deepened their specialist knowledge. Read more
27/07/2012 Industrie

Use of personal fall-protection equipment (PFPE) in potentially-explosive atmospheres: Official view of BGRCI

On many occasions, SKYLOTEC has been asked about ATEX certification with regard to PFPE products by customers. SKYLOTEC has for many years adopted the view that such certification is not possible. Read more
20/07/2012 Industrie

Investment of more than 750,000 € at SKYLOTEC Hungary

SKYLOTEC is building a new production hall near Gyomaendröd at a cost exceeding 750,000 €. Building work commenced last week. SKYLOTEC Hungary (formed in 2006), is a manufacturer of personal protection and fall-prevention equipment and is part of the SKYLOTEC group. Read more
25/04/2012 Industrie


In addition to the development and production of fall protection equipment, SKYLOTEC has offered for many years extensive training in safe working practices at heights for a wide variety of users. Read more
20/04/2012 Industrie

SKYLOTEC expands to Australia

SKYLOTEC continues to grow. The company is already represented in over 20 countries. Following the successful opening of the new office in Boulder USA, SKYLOTEC is continuing its expansion with the establishment of SKYLOTEC Australia Pty Ltd near Sydney. SKYLOTEC Australia was inaugurated on 16 April at the Safety and Action Show in Melbourne, with a complete product range aimed at the Australian market Read more
16/04/2012 Industrie

ARG 30 FIRE available

ARG 30 FIRE available from 16 April SKYLOTEC introduces the ARG 30 FIRE, its new safety harness perfectly designed for work at heights in hazardous places thanks to the use of a highly non-flammable belt strap (tested according to EN 15025) and yarn.  Read more
Mobile SKYLOTEC training container for tight spaces
2/04/2012 Industrie

Mobile SKYLOTEC training container for tight spaces

The new SKYLOTEC training container is designed for mobile training requirements. Ideal for demonstrating pipe/manhole rescue methods, it is built to be mobile with the assistance of a tripod stand. It will be launched at the IFAT trade fair in Munich. The container's dimensions are: 2730 mm x 1690 mm x 2080 mm plus railing and steps. Read more
13/03/2012 Industrie

SKYLOTEC receives SMS certificate

SKYLOTEC is a manufacturer of personal fall-protection equipment and has stood for safety at the highest level ever since its formation in 1947. This policy has also been adopted in its own company, where there has been no work-related accident of note for many years now. Read more
23/12/2011 Industrie

SKYLOTEC's height safety devices pass sharp edge and horizontal use test

SKYLOTEC's HSG products have been tested for horizontal use and have successfully met the requirements for falls over Type A edges. A burr-free, steel edge with radius r = 0.5 mm was used in the test. The devices can, therefore, be used on similar edges; e.g. rounded steel profiles, wooden beams or covered, rounded roof parapets. Read more
22/12/2011 Industrie

Successful certification with the "Sicher mit System" safety seal of approval

SKYLOTEC's safety management proves itself BGHM's safety seal of approval, "Sicher mit System", means that companies are able to have their workplace safety systems inspected by an independent body on a voluntary basis. Read more
3/11/2011 Industrie

Innovation made by SKYLOTEC

Along the A+A numerous new products were introduced. For example the new MILAN 2.0 generation, the new MOBILFIX and harnesses such as the ARG 51 OFFSHORE or the RESCUE PRO. The new MILAN 2.0 Generation (Flyer) with individuell design and optimized handling for various rescue methods. Read more
3/11/2011 Industrie


With additional partners the VRC enables worldwide trainings for almost every area where personal fall protection is used. The right handling in case of emergency needs to be knowledge based, guideline based and proficiency based. Read more
3/11/2011 Industrie

A successful A+A finished for SKYLOTEC

This year‘s A+A was a step towards new dimensions for SKYLOTEC. With approximately 250 qm of platform, more than 30 employees on daily mission, more than 1,000 contacts and an atmospheric fair party it was the biggest fair in the long history of SKYLOTEC. Read more
22/06/2011 Industrie

SPEED Runner passes RfU

On 19 March 2010 the European Commission has decided to modify the EN 353-1 (type fall arresters including a rigid anchor line). The change ensures that fulfilling the EN 353-1 conformity alone does not longer cause a presumption of conformity. Just because a product complies with EN 353-1, it does not mean that the CE mark could be added and that it is possible to place the product on the market. Therefore further requirements must be met to ensure that the EN 353-1 and the requirements of the PPE Directive are fulfilled. Read more
14/04/2011 Industrie

Hannover Fair 2011

Once again, the Hannover Trade Fair 2011 ended with a throughout positive feedback for SKYLOTEC. Trade visitors from all over the world frequented the booth and collected the latest information about SKYLOTEC not only in products, but also in services. Read more
10/04/2011 Industrie


With a successful company presentation, SKYLOTEC participated in this year’s EWEC trade fair. International trade visitors from the area of on- and offshore wind energy could catch up on the latest products especially developed for this market. Special attention was given to the admission of the SKYLOTEC wind package. Read more
16/03/2011 Industrie

Successful Rescue with Milan from SKYLOTEC

Feb.2011, USA While ascending a Wind Turbine in West Virginia, a technician experienced breathing difficulties and intense chest pains. At the intern platform (120ft high) of the tower, he had to stop climbing and needed to get back to the ground for medical care. The victim remained conscious but safety measures were engaged. Read more
26/01/2011 Industrie

SKYLOTEC at Ispo 2011

On February 6th 2011 Ispo fair in Munich opens its doors once again. This way we’d like to invite you to visit us in hall A3 booth 108. We are looking forward to introduce you to our SKYLOTEC product news. Additionally to our ski collection in a new design there is also a thrilling innovation in the area of touring bindings waiting for you. But no more details for now, we’ll see you there! Read more
26/01/2011 Industrie

Revisions caused through changes in EN 353-1

Already on March 19, 2010 the European Commission has decided to withdraw the EN 353-1(Guided type fall arresters on including a rigid line). With this decision the examination and certification according to EN-353-1: 2002 of these systems do not automatically lead to a presumption of conformity but has to be proved additionally. The kind of this revision was discussed ever since. Read more
26/01/2011 Industrie

Bau 2011

Just in time for the New Year SKYLOTEC completed a successful entrance at BAU fair 2011. For the first time, company and products were introduced at this important trade fair. Especially the new SECUPIN was of high interest for the visitors. It has been specially designed for meeting the requirements of stationary anchor points on flat roofs. Read more

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