Art. no. ACS-0285

The STROPP offers optimal flexibility and practicality when securing tools from crashing or being lost. The sturdy flex band coils together to about 70 cm and extends to about 120 cm. It offers enough flexing so that it's comfortable to work with tools without removing it. The ring at the end of the STROPP can also be easily attached to personal protective equipment using a carabiner. It can support up to 10 kg and is designed for large tools such as drills or electric saws.

• Optimal for tools and equipment up to 10 kg • Stretchable flex-band for comfortable and safe working • Doesn’t twist or wear out the cable, even after many uses

Art. no. ACS-0285
EAN 4030281276432
E-class number 40-02-92-90
Customs no. 63079098
Size 700x25x2mm
Weight 0,12 kg