CORONA VIRUS: Information on the current situation

CW 13:

Due to the current situation, delivery difficulties can also occur with various Rope Based Access products.


Due to the current situation, the following products may cause delivery problems: SIRUS, LORY, CLAW, RINGO.

CW 10:

Due to recent events in relation to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Nürnberg Messe has decided to postpone Enforce Tac 2020 from the planned date of 4-5 March to 1-2 September 2020.

Delivery and/or collection in the ital. Regions are currently not possible. Suppliers from these regions have informed us that they are currently able to continue production. We have increased our order quantities accordingly to be prepared for further escalation.

CW 9:

As a globally active company, our supply chain extends across the entire continent. In addition to a worldwide distribution network, we also have a worldwide procurement network, including Asia as a source of supply. Our suppliers in Taiwan have resumed their work after the holidays and can currently confirm any desired date. We are currently not aware of any delays.

Furthermore we also purchase products from China. We are in active exchange with our local suppliers. The respective restrictions are set by the local regional governments. For this reason, it is necessary to make a determined individual assessment of each individual supplier. Potential supply shortfalls currently affect above all bags and bought-in components from CLAW. At present, we can still give the all-clear, as we are holding increased inventories in the course of the Chinese New Year anyway.

For other product groups we can fall back on European alternatives, mainly Germany, due to our consistent 2nd source strategy.

Even though most textile products now come from Asia, SKYLOTEC continues to rely on a consistent in-house policy. Thus, we can give the all-clear in the area of webbing because we source these products from our subsidiary in the Black Forest.



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