JACKPOD – flexible fall protection for working in confined spaces

SKYLOTEC have extended their product range by a new tripod and a davit arm system. Both innovative products are part of the new JACKPOD series, with which we now offer two helpful solutions for working in confined spaces. The key feature: the portable systems can be operated by means of a winch and allow for flexible application due to additional modules.

Persons who regularly need to enter sewers and manholes in industrial tanks or other confined accesses are familiar with the problem: workplaces such as these generally only allow for limited freedom of movement. In addition, there often is a risk of employees falling from heights at their job. Now, SKYLOTEC offers two new solutions: The JACKPOD TRI  tripod and the JACKPOD DAVIT davit arm system can be used to safely perform work even in the most confined spaces.

For vertical access, the tripod is positioned above an access opening. While one person is working in the manhole or tank, another person is responsible for the operation of the winch that completes the portable system and is directly mounted at the tripod. With this winch, vertical access and exit of persons can be easily realised and controlled via a crank handle. As an alternative, an accessory can also be used instead of a crank handle and this can also be mounted directly at the winch. In this way, the winch can be operated through torque, i.e. using a cordless screwdriver or electric drill.

The davit arm can be swiveled and is thus also suitable for being used for vertical access. In only a few simple steps the JACKPOD DAVIT can be connected to a portable tripod or quadpod by means of a plug mechanism and fastening bolts. It can be adjusted in height from 2.2 m to 3 m. In this scenario, access and exit of a person can also be controlled by a second person by means of the winch.

However, since it is not always possible for workers to access the corresponding work site vertically from above, SKYLOTEC has developed practical accessories for the JACKPOD DAVIT. For example, the portable tripod can be replaced by a module that can be optionally flanged to walls or horizontally on tanks. In this way it is possible for persons to use lateral access to the work site.

Integrated restraint function provides fall protection
The JACKPOD WINCH winch provides an additional special feature: if a person working in a manhole steps into the void, an integrated restraint function prevents falling from heights. This means that securing the person in an area with falling hazards is already possible with the help of the winch. On sites where additional application of a fall arrester device is required due to government safety organization regulations, the fall arrester device "HSG HK 10" can be combined with the JACKPOD system. It is uncomplicated and can be connected to a tripod or a davit arm using a second roller at a carabiner. The winch is available with steel cables in two different lengths, either 18 m or 45 m. This also ensures access in deeper workspaces without any problems.

Only a small area is required for erection and use of JACKPOD DAVIT and JACKPOD TRI. Moreover, both systems are made of aluminum and hot-dip galvanised steel. Consequently, they are rather low-weight and can be easily transported. The threepod and davit arm are classified as anchor points and certified by EN 795, class B, their maximum load-bearing capacity is 280 kilogram. The winch JACKPOD WINCH is compliant to the standards EN 795, class B and EN 1496:2007.

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