NEW: Anchor point JAMBTAC for all door widths

SKYLOTEC have extended their large and varied product range by a new door jamb anchor truss. JAMBTAC is the name of this mobile anchor point that has been given a unique feature by the fall protection specialists: With this truss it is possible for the first time to cover all conventional door widths.

At sites at which jobs are only rarely performed in areas with fall hazards, workers must frequently do without permanently installed fall protection systems, e.g. on construction sites or for facade and window cleaning. Quite often it is also the case that these safety devices have simply been left out during building planning or because constructional changes at existing structures are prohibited. However, SKYLOTEC now offers another helpful solution for employees, who are required by law to wear prescribed fall protection; i.e. the new JAMBTAC door jamb anchor truss. The key feature: this is the first mobile anchor point that can be used for all conventional door widths.

XL version for particularly wide doors
The door truss is available in two versions; version one for doors with widths between 600 and 1,150 mm and the XL version for doors with widths between 985 and 1,525 mm. In this way it is possible to even use the truss for hospital doors, which are generally wider than standard doors. Additional advantage: The truss is made of aluminium, light-weight and therefore easy to attach. JAMBTAC is easy to fix to a door opening that is located opposite the fall edge without the need for any tools. Moreover, the truss has rounded profile edges and plastic caps at the ends. This provides two advantages: the risk of injury for the user and the risk of scratches and wear is significantly reduced.

The JAMBTAC mobile anchor point can be used by up to two persons at the same time, it is certified to EN 795 Class B. To be protected against falling from heights, users must attach their fall arrest system or restraint system of their personal protective equipment (PPE) against falls from a height at the eye of the door jamb truss.

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