Courtesy Safety Notice: AustriAlpin COBRA Buckles

All information concerning the courtesy safety notice and the inspection of the click buckles (COBRA®) can be found here.

Our supplier for COBRA® buckles has announced a safety notice. In an extremely small quantity (0.0000005 % = 1 buckle out of 2 million), a mistake occurred at the rivets.


Therefore, the manufacturer published a manual for checking the buckles. On the next page all product groups are shown in the sheet which were delivered before February the 22th 2016 with the following batch No.:


5-digit batch no.: ≤ 54719
6-digit batch no.: ≤ 313400


The Austrian authorities estimate the risk as low, that means no regulatory risk report is published. We share this view and nevertheless want to inform our customers, but we won't replace or fulfill an additional inspection of the products.


Due to the fact, that all harnesses have to be checked every year by a competent person, the risk additional is reduced. Furthermore every Customer (also without competent person certificate) should check the buckles with the manual, which you may find at Page 4. We would like to draw your attention to the duty to provide training for all users, where the examination of the buckle should be included as well.


The responsibility for further action and report to authorities in this case lies with the supplier of the component, who carried out this in consultation with the responsible supervisory authorities.


Please also notify your customers.
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