Marking of renewed via ferrata sets SKYSAFE II

Due to a defective carabiner closure (return spring) last year, we made a recall of SKLYOTEC via ferrata sets SKYSAFE II.

Affected sets can still be sent to SKYLOTEC for review. Here the sets will be checked. Should an error exist, it will be corrected immediately. Here you can find out how to recognize a renewed via ferrata set.

SKYSAFE II_Korrigierte Sets_20160412_V4s

But how does one recognize a certified or repaired set?
Sets that have been returned by retailers or customers, will be checked by SKYLOTEC. If a defective spring is detected, the spring will be replaced and the carabiner will be renewed according to internal requirements. The complete review is noted in the SKYLOTEC Homebase and the set is marked with a green dot, which makes the review significantly.

SKYSAFE II_Korrigierte Sets_20160412_V4x

If the set is classified as no longer usable during the review, this will be recorded. Wearrelated or other wear-related damage or defective parts (the return spring excluded) won't be repaired or replaced by us, customers will be informed about the condition.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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