IGNITE NIOB – SKYLOTEC presents a new model in its Ignite Series of harnesses

“Ignite Niob” is the name given to the new model to join SKYLOTEC’s Ignite Series of harnesses. And so the manufacturer of fall protection equipment now offers a new solution, which scores points with its many cleverly designed details in terms of comfort and ergonomics. The latest member of a range of harnesses that won gold in the German Design Awards 2017 is the ideal fall protection equipment for the energy, steel construction, rescue and rope access sectors.

"Ignite Niob" is the new model of the ‚Ignite series‘ with many cleverly designed details in terms of comfort and ergonomics.

Workers whose jobs involve climbing at heights cannot operate without Personal Fall Protection Equipment. It is essential, for example, to have a harness that fits perfectly and is straightforward to use. With its Ignite Series, SKYLOTEC sets new standards in terms of comfort and ergonomics. And now the manufacturer of fall protection equipment has developed a new model, the “Ignite Niob”, which supersedes the “ARG 62 Multi Access”. The harness is the first 6-point harness in the range and is extremely versatile. For example, it can be used by people working in steel construction or energy supplies, rope access technicians or emergency services. The “Ignite Niob” is certified in accordance with EN 361 as a fall-arrest system and in accordance with EN 358 for holding workers in position and providing support in areas where there is a risk of falling. It is also EN 813 certified for keeping workers in a sitting position for working whilst hanging freely on a rope. The model also has a combined abseil/fall arrest eyelet in the chest area. This allows heavy loads to be abseiled down safely and effortlessly on the back. The distance between the front eyelets is designed precisely for use with a Raderberger hook, which is used for abseiling accident victims. A textile loop on the back in the hip area can also be used as an additional restraint eyelet. The “Ignite Niob” is also impressive when it comes to functionality: material loops in the hip and chest area for tools or rescue equipment come as standard.

All the comfort features of the Ignite Series

There is certainly no shortage of clever details to enhance comfort for users of the “Ignite Niob”. The newest member of the Ignite Series, just like all the other models, features high-quality padding, which is adapted to the shape of the human anatomy and ensures optimum weight distribution on the hips. This is a real relief, as previously the weight load had generally been on the shoulders – and for several hours a day. This meant that users frequently had to cope with pressure points and considerable muscle soreness and tensions in the neck and shoulder area. Another problem that many workers will be familiar with: when they are on the move for long periods, the straps tend to loosen on their own. So they have to keep tightening them again. A new adjuster now prevents the harness from loosening during constant movement.

Another important factor is that the equipment should be as easy as possible for workers to use. That is why SKYLOTEC has chosen a cleverly designed colour system for all models in the Ignite Series. Orange contrasting elements are used in the upper part of the harness and grey in the lower part. This makes it easy to recognise where the top and where the bottom of the harness is, even when the user has not yet donned the harness. Additionally, the main anchor points of all models are bright orange in order to label them clearly. Accidental anchoring on the wrong eyelets or loops, which are not designed to hold in the event of a fall, can be prevented in this way. Details such as these are particularly important when people with little experience are using the harness. As they do not have a particular routine, there is an increased accident risk for them through the incorrect use of their Personal Fall Protection Equipment.

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