Innovation from SKYLOTEC: The versatile and efficient MULTIPIN for trapezoidal sheets

SKYLOTEC has launched the “Multipin” single anchor point, which boasts several advantages when it comes to fall protection on trapezoidal sheet roofing. The anchor point is suitable for just about any trapezoidal sheeting; it is smaller than comparable products and therefore helps to make logistics more efficient. This is because its ergonomic design allows retailers, steel construction workers, roofers and industrial fitters to optimise many of their processes in storage facilities and on the building site.

A variety of installation options, reduced dimensions and simplified operation in any direction – these are the qualities of the “Multipin” single anchor point, which can be installed on just about any trapezoidal sheeting. The new solution from SKYLOTEC is easy to install on trapezoidal sheet roofing with a profile height of between 35 mm and 200 mm. Profile widths of up to 420 mm are not a problem. The option of infinitely adjusting the foot as a base module means there is no need to study documents and tables, which is often be considered to be annoying. The “Multipin” is also suitable for all profiles, whether in a positive or negative direction. This makes installation easier and excludes the possibility of making mistakes when ordering the anchor points. Roofers, steel construction workers and industrial fitters therefore no longer have to pre-sort various different trapezoidal profiles, saving them time.

The ‘Multipin’ from SKYLOTEC can be individually adapted to suit various profile widths of trapezoidal sheeting.

When it comes to developing new products for fall protection, ergonomics are always an important factor for the experts at SKYLOTEC. This was also the case for the “Multipin”. The base module and pin are separated prior to assembly. Only after the base module has been secured using the toggle bolts, the pin is screwed on.

Lighter individual components and a convenient centre of gravity during assembly make installation easy. This particularly applies to large areas of flat roofing with a great many anchor points. The tried-and-tested anchor eyelet, which can be rotated 360°, is fitted as standard. This allows users to move around safely and without restriction.

Low storage volumes, rapid transport

When it comes to storage and transport, the “Multipin” stands out with some additional special features, since the volume of the single anchor point in its dismantled state needs just one quarter of the space normally needed. This makes it significantly easier to transport them to the roof surface. Many more assembly units than usual can now be transported via scaffolding or ladder towers. If the hoisting is carried out by mobile crane, for example, far greater quantities than usual can now be lifted up to the roof in one go. This saves time, as well as the cost of supplying a crane.

The single anchor point is made exclusively from stainless steel and is therefore corrosion resistant. Once installed, the system secures up to three people at any one time. Users attach themselves using the carabiner on their lanyards. By the time it is launched in November, the “Multipin” will have received the approval of the DIBt German Institute of Building Technology and the Ü mark of conformity. Building products with the Ü mark have passed tests on realistic reproductions of the relevant roof surface. This means that those installing the “Multipin”, as well as its users, can be sure that the “Made in Germany” quality is properly monitored. If you have any questions on the approval of anchor points and installations, SKYLOTEC will be glad to offer advice.

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