SKYLOTEC athlete Yannick Flohé wins the bronze medal

SKYLOTEC athlete Yannick Flohé from Essen surprised everyone by winning the bronze medal in bouldering at the world championships in Hachioji, Japan. On Tuesday (August 13, 2019), the 19-year old Yannick was just behind second-place Austrian world-class climber Jakob Schubert. The Japanese Tomoa Narasaki won the gold medal.

Yannick qualifying for the final of the best six starters was already amazing. He won the medal by mastering his third zone on the last wall.

By making it into his first final in an international men’s competition, Yannick has created an excellent starting basis for the combination ranking. In the ranking, the starting places for the Olympic Games will be awarded at the end of the world championships. Congratulations Yannick on this sensational success!

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