Climbing is the ideal recreational sport for everyone, including people with disabilities.

The non-profit association "Ich will da rauf!" e.V. (IWDR) in Munich brings people together through climbing. In regular and professionally supervised groups, people with and without disabilities climb together at eye level.

"Ich will da rauf!" e.V. stands for inclusion through a common hobby - climbing. For the participants, it does not matter whether someone has a disability or not. Thanks to the inclusive leisure activities, people with disabilities have a great opportunity to participate in social life in Munich. The concept is still unique in Germany.

SKYLOTEC has supported the inclusive climbing groups with the necessary climbing equipment since the association was founded in 2008. SKYLOTEC is also supporting the IWDR with a new project: Under the name "Seilschafft Inklusion," other climbing enthusiasts throughout Germany are supported and enabled to found inclusive climbing groups.

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