Art.n° H-137-SC-03-PK

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The passO HMS carabiner provides the foundation for the pinchLock and inLock. As passO-Screw (screwer, incl. safety marking), passO Twist (twistlock) and passO Tri (trilock) an essential part of every climbers’ rack. Gate opening 30 mm in each case.

  • Easy to use screw gate opening, even with gloves on
  • Large gate opening and wide inner space
  • HMS carabiner for use at belay stations, anchor points, and for Munter hitch belaying
Art.n° H-137-SC-03-PK
EAN 4030281275381
Internat. Norm UIAA 121
Norma EN 12275-H:2013, EN 362-B:2004
Carico di rottura asse principale 22,00 kN
Carico di rottura asse secondario 10,00 kN
Carico di rottura aperto 7,00 kN
Numero classe E 40-02-01-05
Apertura massima 30 mm
Vita massima 30 Years
Campo di applicazione Pompieri / Salvataggio / Forze di intervento speciali
Zolltarifnummer 76169990
Misura 112 x 76,5mm
Peso 0,08 kg
Sistema di bloccaggio Screw
Materiale Alluminio