Art.n° HSG-021-1,8-9

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The compact connecting device PEANUT I with the RESISTOR karabiner convinces with its self-retracting arm, which does not restrict the working radius and ensures that the fall height is extremely low. The RESTISTOR is extremely robust and handy and is particularly suitable for quick hooking into the structure. The fastener is edge-suitable and can therefore also be used for horizontal securing. PEANUT I contains the One-4-All damper and is therefore suitable for a very wide range of user weights from 50 to 135 kilograms. The 1.8 m long arm makes PEANUT I ideal for securing in aerial work platforms. Due to the spring-loaded webbing retraction, the person remains safely on the platform even in case of a catapult effect. A red indicator shows when the strap fall arrester has been triggered and provides additional safety. The PEANUT I also serves to secure the stand.

Art.n° HSG-021-1,8-9
EAN 4030281294825
Norma DIN 19427:2017, EN 360:2002, GS-PS-12:2019, RFU PPE-R/11.060:2018, RFU PPE-R/11.085:2018
Indicatore di caduta Yes
Numero classe E 40-02-01-03
Adatto su bordi si
Vita massima 10 Years
Max. numero di persone 1
peso totale 135 KG
Patent Yes
Intervallo di temperatura 45 °C - -35 °C
Mezzo portante BAND
Campo di applicazione Pulizia di facciate e finestre
Zolltarifnummer 84798997
Misura 1,8m
Peso 1,36 kg
Moschettone lato punto di aggancio RESISTOR
Moschettone lato imbracatura STAK TRI AL
Materiale Poliestere, Poliammide, Acciaio