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Ultra-light - ultra-comfortable - ultra-flexible: Out of the sports and industry symbiosis SKYLOTEC developed an ultra-light and ultra-comfortable harness for both industrial workers and leisure climbers. The RECORD provides the lightweight comfort of a sports belt (from just 1.55 lbs!) and is the lightest harness available on the market in the field of tree care. Built-in cooling fins and perforated, breathable mesh material ensure an optimal air circulation during prolonged wearing. Also the double layer padding hip straps and leg loops, and the wide size selection increase the already fantastic wearing comfort of the RECORD for everyday pleasant working. Loops, eyelets and rings are color highlighted to ensure visibility and safety even in bad light conditions. By clipping in different top parts, the harness can easily be extended to a full-body harness to switch application fields.The RECORD is the only harness with all approvals in the industrial area of rope access and with every admission in sport.

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Norma EN 12277-A/C:2007, EN 358:1999, EN 361:2002, EN 813:2008
Imbottitura per spalle o gambe si
Numero classe E 40-02-01-02
Fibbie a scatto si
Anello del materiale si
Vita massima 10 Years
Max. numero di persone 1
Occhielli metallico anello dorsale, anello sternale, anello di tenuta, anello imbracatura di seduta
Supporto dorsale Ja
Intervallo di temperatura 45 °C - -35 °C
Campo di applicazione Parchi avventura, Pompieri / Salvataggio / Forze di intervento speciali , Tecnica di accesso tramite fune / Rigging
Anello del materiale si
Zolltarifnummer 63079098
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Materiale Poliestere, Poliammide, Alluminio
Materiale nastro Poliestere
Materiale anello pettorale Alluminio
Materiale anello di tenuta Poliestere
Materiale anello dorsale Poliestere
Materiale anello imbracatura di seduta Alluminio
Materiale Fibbie a scatto Alluminio