RescueClean S1

Art.n° ACS-0911
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Effective, material-friendly decontamination agent for all textile SKYLOTEC and UltraMedic products. The ready-to-use solution is used for sanitizing textile PPE. RESCUE CLEAN S1 is either applied to the textile that needs cleaning or the textile can be completely dipped in the solution. After just 5 minutes, about 99% of all bacteria and viruses have been easily removed from the PPE. For stubborn decontamination or contamination, the solution can be worked into the material with a soft brush. After each application, rinse well with clear water and the PPE is hygienically clean. If needed, the textile detergent SKYWASH can be used as a pre-soak or post-cleaning to remove visible dirt.

Art.n° ACS-0911
EAN 4030281298212
Numero classe E 40-02-92-90
Zolltarifnummer 34022090
Misura 5L
Peso 5,0 kg