Art.n° SR-108

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End stopper, prevents the slipping out of the runner. Including self tapping cylinder head screws M6 x 25mm. Drilling template available for forming the holes.

Since structurally anchored attachment points / devices are no longer subject to the PPS Directive, they may no longer be CE marked. In Germany the building inspectorate approval is required for such products. In Europe, different national regulations apply to these products; under certain circumstances a specific approval is required.

Art.n° SR-108
EAN 4030281184096
Norma CEN/TS 16415, EN 795-D:2012
Numero classe E 40-02-01-90
Max. numero di persone 1
Campo di applicazione Sistemi anticaduta permanenti
Zolltarifnummer 73269098
Misura 96x11x44mm
Peso 0,37 kg
Materiale Acciaio Inossidabile