Latest information regarding Milan rescue device product training

With this information update, we would like to make you aware that training courses for the MILAN rescue device may only be delivered by trainers who have been authorised to do by SKYLOTEC GmbH.

Comprehensive knowledge is required in order to be able to deliver a training course for the MILAN rescue device: in addition to general expertise in the handling of PSE (personal safety equipment) comprehensive knowledge of how to maintain the device, specialist product knowledge, ongoing practical use of the device and also an in-depth and continuous training programme are needed. SKYLOTEC GmbH guarantees this by regularly checking and continuously training all SKYLOTEC instructors through SKYLOTEC GmbH’s LEAD AUDITORS.

External trainers who have only had one or a few normal rescue training courses with the Milan are therefore not qualified to deliver training courses on the device with the degree of quality and safety required. We currently do not offer training courses delivered by external trainers, since it is not possible to ensure their ongoing training.

Our training course dates for the MILAN rescue device can be found here: https://www.skylotec.com/eu_en/vrc/other-training-courses/

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