DEUS EXIT KIT for private users for self-rescue by abseiling down from high buildings

Following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire disaster, SKYLOTEC has looked into how products from the industrial sector could be used in the private sector for people to evacuate themselves in an emergency. Our wide product range helped us to find the best solution, resulting in the ready-to-use DEUS EXIT KIT for private use.

The DEUS EXIT KIT is a safe and simple back-up system for people living or working in high-rise buildings. The DEUS EXIT KIT enables people to vacate a building safely and independently via a window if other escape routes are already blocked, for example in the event of a fire or thick smoke. The ready-to-use DEUS EXIT KIT can be used by an individual to evacuate a building through a window and down the outside of the building in the event of a fire in an apartment block, if other escape routes are already blocked.

The DEUS device is not intended as an alternative to official escape routes or fire rescue services and of course the advice to close doors and wait for safe rescue by the fire services still applies. Nevertheless, it offers inhabitants an alternative and therefore additional safety, if they do not 100% trust the official escape routes.

The DEUS 3700 abseiling device that is part of the DEUS EXIT KIT is EN 341 certified and has been used for years in industrial applications and by fire departments worldwide. With an abseiling speed of 2 m per second, the preconfigured abseiling device will get one person safely down to the ground and requires only minimal previous experience. All you need is a safe anchor point in the building and the correct positioning of the rescue triangle in which you sit to abseil down.

The advantages for people trapped in high buildings are obvious:

In an emergency, they no longer have to rely on regular escape routes or the arrival of external rescue services. If every other exit route is blocked, individuals can use the DEUS EXIT KIT to abseil down themselves.

  • No energy supply is required for the abseiling device, as it operates mechanically with the help of a centrifugal brake.
  •  The set is intended for single use by one person. It is initially available in three different rope lengths (10 m, 30 m and 50 m). These versions correspond to building heights of 3, 10 and 16 floors.

Additional training offer:

In order to get even better prepared for an emergency, the VERTICAL RESCUE COLLEGE offers a 4-hour DEUS Evacuation training course. Participants in the course learn how to use the set components safely, such as how to put on the rescue triangle and how to select a suitable anchor point. The training course for private users is rounded off with practical abseiling exercises.

With this optimal combination of existing products, SKYLOTEC has been able to respond to market requirements and, therefore, provide private users with a product for independent evacuation and personal rescue for the very first time.


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