SKYLOTEC presents its new fall protection systems at SICUR in Madrid

SKYLOTEC will be presenting its new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and products for fall protection when working on roofs at SICUR 2018. The focus here is on easy operation and enhanced safety for workers. As well as the new “Inceptor GRX” helmet range, which offers many impressive advantages in terms of criteria such as comfort and ergonomics, the family company also offers the “Raptor” fall arrestor device. This is the first to feature two fall indicators, which clearly display the functionality of the device. Also on show at the exhibition stand will be the new “Claw” cable runner for vertical ascent, which reduces the risk of incorrect use, and the innovative “Multipin” permanent anchor point, which is suitable for just about any trapezoidal sheeting and helps to make logistics in the warehouse and at the building site more efficient.

For people working in the construction industry, the risk of head injury is higher than average. A helmet should therefore be a standard part of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to prevent head wounds, concussion or skull fractures. At SICUR, SKYLOTEC will be presenting its new “Inceptor GRX” range of industrial climbing helmets, which provide reliable protection against this kind of injury. The models feature optimum shock absorption in the vertex and lateral areas of the head. They also offer high resistance to penetration by sharp objects. With this PPE, the family company has also developed a solution that offers plenty of advantages in terms of comfort and ergonomics. The cleverly designed details include a clasp on the chin strap, which closes automatically thanks to a magnet. This means that it is no longer possible to trap the skin on the neck or chin. An exchangeable neck band also holds the helmet securely in place and prevents it from slipping when the head is tilted. Continuous ventilation shafts in the EPS core of the helmet and maximum permitted ventilation slits ensure good air circulation and pleasant head temperatures.

“The ‘Inceptor GRX’ industrial climbing helmet has many advantages in terms of criteria such as comfort and ergonomics.”

Other details make it easier for workers to handle the “Inceptor GRX” model. For example, a multifunctional gear rack is fitted as standard. Accessories such as “Mute 26” hearing protection or textile components for protection against increased UV radiation can be attached to this. A 30 mm Euroslot on the front of the helmet and four helmet clips also make it possible to attach a headlamp. And so the “Inceptor GRX” models can be adapted to suit a wide range of demands for various work situations. An additional benefit is that components such as the gear rack, neck band and chin straps are exchangeable and can therefore be removed separately for cleaning and replaced individually when they wear out. The “Inceptor GRX” industrial safety helmet fulfils the impact and shock absorption requirements of the EN 397:2012 and EN 12492:2012 standards for mountain climbing helmets.

“Raptor” – the fall arrester device with two fall indicators

SKYLOTEC will also be taking its new “Raptor” fall arrester device to Madrid. The special feature here is the dual fall indicators – one on the carabiner and one in the housing, which is visible from the outside. These indicators use colour coding to clearly show whether the fall arrester device can still be used or whether it needs to be inspected. This simple external function check protects the user from inadvertently using a device that is no longer intact. Until now, it has only been possible for users to check their own fall arrester devices on the carabiner and not on the device itself or the brakes. If at least one of the indicators on the carabiner and housing shows a red signal, the device must be inspected immediately by a service technician authorised by SKYLOTEC. An expert can repair a device by replacing individual elements. This is easy to achieve thanks to the modular construction of the “Raptor” fall arrester device, thus saving time and money during inspections. All fall arrester devices are certified according to EN 360 and secure one person up to a maximum user weight of 140 kg.

“Claw” – climbing without risk

SKYLOTEC has come up with another solution for climbing on permanently installed climbing protection systems, which can be used for safe access for people working at heights or depths. The new “Claw” cable runner is suitable for vertical access to steel ropes with a diameter of 8 mm. It has several features to protect against incorrect use. For example, the fall arrestor cannot be mounted on the rope if it is being held upside down by the user. This is prevented by an integrated locking bolt, and a skull icon indicates the application error. In order to prevent unintended removal, the cable runner may only be removed from the rope if the user actively releases a locking mechanism. In the event of a fall, the carabiner swings very suddenly downwards and blocks the cable guide. This allows the “Claw” to reduce the impact force to a moderate level.

The runner is suitable for maintenance or servicing work on wind turbines, buildings, masts or manholes and is EN 353-1:2014 certified as a guided type fall arrester including a rigid anchor line. The “Claw” secures a maximum of one person weighing between 50 kg and 150 kg.

“Multipin” – suitable for just about any trapezoidal sheeting

In addition to rail and rope safety systems for fall protection, the new “Multipin” permanent anchor point will also be on show at the exhibition stand. This is suitable for just about any trapezoidal sheeting and can be installed on trapezoidal sheet roofing with profile heights of between 35 mm and 200 mm. Profile widths of up to 420 mm are not a problem. The foot as a base module can be infinitely adjusted. This means that there is no need to study documents and tables to find out which is the right profile width, which is often considered to be a nuisance. The “Multipin” is also suitable for profiles in a positive or negative direction. This makes installation easier and excludes the possibility of making mistakes when ordering the anchor points. An additional benefit is that, when dismantled, the new fixed anchor point only takes up a quarter of the space required by previous solutions. This not only makes storage easier, it also makes it easier to carry up to the roof. Many more assembly units than usual can now be transported via scaffolding or ladder towers and a mobile crane. The “Multipin” has the approval of the DIBt German Institute of Building Technology and bears the Ü mark of conformity.

If you would like to find out more about SKYLOTEC’s wide range of products and innovations, come and see for yourself by visiting us from 20 to 23 February at stand F16, hall 6 at SICUR in Madrid.

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