Flexible and versatile: the “Gordon” and “Gordon Rescue” fall arrest devices

Light yet robust, the new “Gordon” fall arrest block from SKYLOTEC can be used at great heights and individually adjusted to suit any situation. As well as the standard version for use when climbing up or down, the manufacturer of fall protection equipment also offers the “Gordon Rescue” version with integrated rescue eyelet, which means that it can also be used as a lifting device to lift or lower people. The addition of pulleys allows this fall arrest block to offer a variety of customisable configuration options, including use as a pulley system.

The new “Gordon” and “Gordon Rescue” fall arrest blocks from SKYLOTEC are even more versatile thanks to the use of textile ropes in place of fall arrest blocks with steel cables. They can be individually adapted to suit the requirements of a particular field of application and are ideally suited in particular for great heights or for use as a pulley system. Fall arrest devices are a component of Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PPFE) and are used as a fastener between the fall-arrest harness and an anchor point. A rotating swivel in the housing allows the block attached to the anchor point to turn. The advantage of these new solutions launched on the market by the manufacturer of fall protection equipment is that, depending on the requirements of their work situation, users can fit the fall arrest blocks with a textile rope in the required length. The devices work in both directions and, where required, can be used with a pulley in the base section in an endless loop for ascent and descent. Conversely, the devices can also be attached to the ground and used for protection when working with pulleys at heights. This allows these fall arrest blocks to be used for just about any area of application and makes them particularly suitable for jobs at great heights over 20 metres. Fall arrest blocks with steel cables, on the other hand, reach the limit of their capabilities in these kinds of situations. In the event of a fall, the device blocks reliably and catches the user on the rope.

The “Gordon” and “Gordon Rescue” can, depending on the requirements and area of application, be operated with various ropes approved for the purpose by SKYLOTEC, such as the Super Static 10.5. Their low weight and volume make it easier for workers to transport the devices when required as part of their (rescue) equipment, even when working at heights or depths or in confined spaces.

Robust, long-lasting and compact

Both fall arrest blockss have a milled aluminium housing. This makes them extremely robust and not susceptible to wear. The “Gordon” and “Gordon Rescue” have been certified according to EN 360, amongst other certifications. Each fall arrest block protects one person against falling. Its compact construction also makes the “Gordon Rescue” ideal for use in small spaces. And so it is more than just a fall arrest block. Its additional rescue eyelet also means it can be used for securing during lead climbing, belaying and for rescuing people. As a specialist in rescue solutions, SKYLOTEC also includes other hardware components such as pulleys as part of its range, which can be used as part of a pulley system to allow transmissions of 1:3, 1:4 or 1:5 and which expand the area of application of the “Gordon Rescue” substantially. One device can safely and efficiently cover many different areas of application for safety at heights in industrial applications and in the leisure industry.

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