Land der Berge magazine honours the reliability of the SKYLOTEC RIDER 3.0

The RIDER 3.0 is by far the safest via ferrata set on the market, preventing long falls down to the next anchor point. This is possible thanks to a free-running steel rope clamp, which blocks immediately in an emergency, preventing serious accidents when climbing.

Years of research and development work have been invested in this innovative system, bringing an unprecedented level of safety to the via ferrata. Having won an award for safety from Alpin magazine in autumn 2017, the safety features of the RIDER 3.0 have once again been confirmed by Land der Berge magazine.

Over an eight-month period, 30 inspectors from the Austrian outdoor magazine put a total of ten via ferrata sets through their paces during use. The testers felt safer with the RIDER 3.0 than with any other set and the safety award from Land der Berge is now the second time that the protective qualities of the set have been confirmed by a reputable alpine and outdoor magazine.

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