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This self-rescue kit is a safe and easy back-up solution for anyone living or working in a high building, where there is a risk of being trapped by flames or dying as a result of smoke inhalation in the event of a fire. When all other escape routes are already blocked, the DEUS EXIT KIT provides the possibility of leaving the building safely and independently through a window. The DEUS EXIT KIT can be used by an individual to evacuate a high building along the external façade. It includes a DEUS 3700 abseiling device, which is certified according to EN 341 and has been used worldwide for many years in industrial and firefighting applications. Benefits of the KIT:

Safe abseiling down the façade of a building: • Not dependent on regular escape routes • Not reliant on the arrival of rescue teams • No external power supply needed In addition, our VERTICAL RESCUE COLLEGE offers a DEUS evacuation training course for private users.

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E-class number 40-02-90-01
Area of application Fire brigade / Rescue / Special Forces
Customs no. 84251900
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