Art. no. HSG-020-R

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GORDON is the all-rounder among fall arrest blocks. Its low weight and robustness are impressive features. This offers great advantages especially when working at height: the devices can be combined with various certified textile ropes which can be easily interchanged by the user. GORDON offers an endless variety of potential uses: It can be used solely as a fall arrester, and in the GORDON RESCUE version as a fall arrester and lead climbing belay device. GORDON RESCUE can also be used in combination with other hardware as a self-locking pulley system. GORDON RESCUE is suitable for entry, lead climbing and for belaying during rescues. Its compact dimensions and milled aluminium housing make it slimline, lightweight and easy to handle. The device can be equipped with rope of any length and used in both directions. GORDON stops falls. Thanks to a built-in gauge and distinct lasermarkings wear inspection is very simple. Overview of all GORDON configurations

Art. no. HSG-020-R
EAN 4030281271871
Internat. standard ANSI Z359.14:2014
Standard EN 360:2002, EN 795-B:2012
E-class number 40-02-01-03
Max. service life 20 Years
Max. number of persons 1
Rated load 140 KG
Area of application Confined Spaces, Fire brigade / Rescue / Special Forces
Customs no. 84798997
Size -
Weight 1,68 kg
Material Aluminium, Steel