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Archive: August 2010

16/08/2010 Industry

SPEED runner with extra certification

The SKYLOTEC SPEED runner is moving forward. Because of the withdrawal of the EN 353-1 and a number of unexplained safety issues in combination with fall arresters the SPEED runner affords a unique safety solution. The dual speed-control mechanism of the SPEED guarantees that a falling worker is caught quickly and securely. The SPEED provides smooth action and security while climbing. Read more
01/08/2010 Industry

Safe Work Concept

Seminar description: Innovative and reliable equipment form the basis for optimal work conditions. To perform a rescue operation or an emergency situation safety a functional teamwork is the key to success. When individuals have to achieve specific job responsibilities all team members must be able to trust in each other. However, you have to know your own strengths and weaknesses to achieve success in critical situations. Read more

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