Art. no. SAN-9001
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The ultraROLLTRETCHER, rollable carrier system, is particularly suitable for rescue in areas, which are difficult to access, in confined spaces, shafts and for mountain rescue. The rollstretcher can be used horizontally, angularly and vertical. Thanks to its tube-like form is it characterized by its exceptional stability. The patient is additionally protected by stabilizing elements in the shoulder, thorax, pelvic and spinal areas. The big advantage of the product is this low weight and small storage size on the way to rescue mission, simple and fast assembly on site, flexible and variable handling. The rollstretcher is approved for use by specific German Federal Armed Force helicopters (Bell UH-1D / NH90 / Sea King Mk. 41). Included in the delivery contents: 1 compact waterproof backpack carrier, 8 padded handles, 4 retainer belts with COBRA-Lock-System, 2 adjustable foot straps.

Art. no. SAN-9001
EAN 4030281272328
E-class number 34-45-03-90
Area of application Fire brigade / Rescue / Special Forces
Customs no. 94029000
Weight 7,3 kg