X-clip-ALP 6er-KIT

Art. no. SET-L-0476-11
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Set of 6 X-CLIP-ALP quickdraws. With a lightweight wire gate carabiner and a very strong Dyneema sling, this quickdraw is best suited to alpine and trad climbing.

  • Ultralight Dyneema® sling
  • Integrated anti-twist protection to keep the lower carabiner in position
  • Two lightweight X-CLIP wire gate carabiners save weight and prevent a whiplash effect
Art. no. SET-L-0476-11
EAN 4030281218357
Standard EN 12275:1998, EN 566:2006
Breaking load, major axis 22,00 kN
Breaking load, minor axis 7,00 kN
Breaking load, open 7,00 kN
E-class number 40-02-01-90
Max. opening 25 mm
Customs no. 58063290
Size 11 cm
Weight 0,39 kg
Material Aluminium, Dyneema®