Rescueclean S1" from SKYLOTEC enables fast cleaning of infectious PPE

Personal protective equipment (PPE) should be carefully maintained. In times of a corona pandemic it is very important to clean it regularly to prevent pathogens from settling. This applies in particular to PPE used by emergency services or by several people at the same time. Here, SKYLOTEC offers a solution with the decontamination agent "Rescue Clean S1", which is virucidal to a limited extent - and also fights the corona virus SARS-CoV-2, the trigger for COVID-19 infections.

Rescueclean S1 The decontamination fluid 'Rescueclean S1' from SKYLOTEC kills 99.99 percent of all previously known corona viruses.

Pathogens such as the coronavirus are mainly transmitted from person to person. Indirect transmission is also conceivable, for example when an infected person coughs into his or her hand and then touches the door handle or back of a chair. The viruses can attach themselves to the surface and then spread to healthy people. This is also possible with PPE such as helmets, harnesses or gloves. In such cases there is a risk of carry-over and an increased health risk. It is therefore also and especially important in times of crisis to clean PPE regularly and carefully. This may be necessary, for example, for emergency services that have come into contact with infected persons and whose equipment has been contaminated. However, cleaning can also serve preventive purposes - for example, if several employees share a safety harness for work in the work basket of an aerial work platform or if PPE is hired out in high-ropes courses and the platform therefore changes its wearer regularly. In order to prevent hygiene problems after use, a decontamination fluid should be used - as in the other application examples. It must be ensured that this does not damage the PPE and, in particular, does not reduce the strength of PPE against falls from a height. At SKYLOTEC, in addition to harnesses, ropes, or clothing, solutions for the correct handling and cleaning of PPE such as "Rescueclean S1" are also part of the product range.

The decontamination fluid can be used immediately; dilution in advance is not necessary. "Rescueclean S1" is suitable for hand washing of PPE that is not suitable for washing machines. It is either applied directly to the piece of equipment to be cleaned or the PPE is placed completely in the liquid. The strength and service life of the cleaned PPE is not negatively affected. The advantage: "Rescueclean S1" is virucidal to a limited extent - and kills all known corona viruses undiluted within one exposure time. This is the result of extensive laboratory tests carried out by the supplier of the decontamination fluid. Thus, an effect against the novel SARS-CoV-2, which causes the COVID-19 disease, can be assumed.

"Rescueclean S1" is available in a 5-liter container. Since it is not classified as a hazardous material, it can be transported without safety restrictions. After the cleaning process, the PPE should be rinsed with clear water and dried. This means that it can be used again by persons comparatively quickly. This is an important factor in times like the Corona crisis, when PPE is quickly out of stock and can sometimes have long delivery times.


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