SPEED Runner passes RfU

On 19 March 2010 the European Commission has decided to modify the EN 353-1 (type fall arresters including a rigid anchor line). The change ensures that fulfilling the EN 353-1 conformity alone does not longer cause a presumption of conformity. Just because a product complies with EN 353-1, it does not mean that the CE mark could be added and that it is possible to place the product on the market. Therefore further requirements must be met to ensure that the EN 353-1 and the requirements of the PPE Directive are fulfilled. The RFU 11.073 (Recommendation for Use) of the VG11 (Vertical Group) comes into effect at this point. As expected the SKYLOTEC SPEED with its redundant safety backup meets the RFU. As well as additional requirements for labeling and instructions for use of fall protection systems, the RFU 11.073 includes the following points: • Dynamic load at a minimum distance between runners and users • Dynamic load at the maximum distance between runners and users • Dynamic load at maximum lateral distance between runners and users • Fall-back test: Dynamic load of 150 N with backwards movement, with a weight of 100 kg, receiver distance <1 m • Static load on the end stop (type A: 2 kN / B: 12 kN) • Static, horizontal side load on the shuttle to the rail (the largest bending moment) • Load carrying components of runners permanently attached to the rail must withstand a static load of 22 kN. If the runner is removable from the rail and stored under appropriate conditions, the load-bearing components have to withstand of a static load of 15 kN. • Non-removable lanyards must withstand a static load of 22 kN. In contrast, the requirements for removable lanyards are still 15 kN. • On the SPEED the shock absorber is in principle replaceable, but it may be replaced only by an expert. Indeed the shock absorber could therefore be regarded as a changeable lanyard which only needs strength of 15 kN. But the shock absorber in the SKYLOTEC SPEED meets also 22kN static ultimate strength. All previously delivered SPEED runners meet the additional requirements of the RFU and may continue to be used without restriction. The SKYLOTEC SPEED is certified in the SKYTAC rail system as well as in the LMB rail system. After successful certification to CSA and ANSI Z359.1 Z259.2.1, the SKYLOTEC SPEED is now an international road runner and therefore meets all requirements of the American and Canadian market.

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