ARG 30 FIRE available

ARG 30 FIRE available from 16 April SKYLOTEC introduces the ARG 30 FIRE, its new safety harness perfectly designed for work at heights in hazardous places thanks to the use of a highly non-flammable belt strap (tested according to EN 15025) and yarn. 
The harness satisfies standards EN 358 and EN 361 even AFTER flame impingement. This makes it an ideal harness for use in environments with danger of explosion such as welding, military deployments, climbing into and rescue from containers, or fire protection activities. In addition to front and back suspension eyes, the ARG 30 FIRE also has side fastening elements and a quick-locking device, which can still be release even after flame impingement, as well as adjustable shoulder and leg straps.

more information and video - here

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